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New supercomputer funded at OSU by NSF

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NSF MRI grant received to purchase a new supercomputer "Pete".

Dr. Dana Brunson has received funding to purchase a new supercomputer through an NSF MRI grant. Nearly $1M was approved to purchase a new system that will surpass the current "Cowboy" system. The new system is named "Pete". Visit the Pete site from the HPCC home page:


Information from the NSF award website:

"Under this Major Research Instrumentation project, the Oklahoma State University (OSU) High Performance Computing Center is engaged in acquiring, deploying and maintaining a cluster supercomputer, named for OSU's mascot Pistol Pete, to support computing- and data-intensive research and research training, across a broad range of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. As a campus-wide shared resource, Pistol Pete's mission includes being available at no charge not only to all OSU faculty, staff, postdocs, graduate students and undergraduates, but also to researchers and educators across Oklahoma. This project focuses on enabling substantial transformative STEM research across a broad variety of disciplines."

The coPIs on the grant are Mario Borunda, Chris Fennell, Peter Hoyt, and Baski Balasundaram

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