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Foundation Course (3 credit hours)

MICR 5203 Bioinformatics


BIOC 5930  Bioinformatics Capstone Project (1 credit hour)*

The capstone project will be designed and implemented by the student concurrent with or upon completion of the prescribed courses. The one-semester independent project will incorporate three interdisciplinary areas of bioinformatics (e.g. life sciences, computer sciences, and statistics) and include a final written report to be evaluated by a committee of participating faculty members representing the three disciplines. Pre-approval of the project by the Advisory Committee is required.


Life Sciences Core Courses

BIOC 6733 Functional Genomics (3-credit-hours)

PBIO 5553 Molecular Phylogenetic Analysis (3-credit-hours)

ANSI 5010 section 354 - QTL Mapping and Marker Assisted Selection (3-credit-hours)

PBIO 5110-365 Phylogenomics (1-hour-credit)

BIOC 5102 Molecular Genetics (2-hour-credit, ONLINE course)


Statistics Core Course (select 3 credit hours)

STAT 6013 Genetic Statistics (3-credit-hours)

STAT 5013 Stat Experimenters I (3-credit-hours)

STAT 5023 Stat Experimenters II (3-credit-hours)

STAT 5093 Statistical Computing (3-credit-hours)



Computer Science Core Course (select 3 credit hours)

CS 5423/5433 Principles of Database Systems/Distributed Database Systems (3-credit-hours)

CS 5070 Data Structures and Algorithms for Bioinformatics (3-credit-hours)

CS 4433 Intro to Database Systems (3-credit-hours, Taken for graduate credit)


Math Core Course*

MATH 6590 section 352 Applications of Parallel Computing (2-credit-hours)

Interdisciplinary Workshops (1 or 2 credit hours)*

BIOC 6820 Bioinformatics Workshop Course (Recommended- Prior Carpentries workshop)

BIOC 6820 Mass Spectrometry Workshop Course (Prerequisite - Attend MS workshop)


Elective Course(s) (3 or more credit hours)

Graduate-level course selected by the matriculating department and approved by the Bioinformatics Certificate Program Committee.


Notes: The Certificate Program requires 16 hours of Graduate credit. All students are required to complete the foundation course, the capstone course and at least four additional courses (one as an elective) from different INTERDISCIPLINARY core areas. Elective courses will be approved on the student’s plan of study, which, when applicable, will be coordinated with the student’s graduate advisory committee within their home departments to determine if the elective courses apply to a concurrent graduate degree program. *Contact Instructors for registration and more information.


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